A remake after 17 years

SolutionPlanet has just made a total remake of the user interface of an internal online e-commerce solution for one of the world’s leading security companies.

In 1999 SolutionPlanet was asked to develop a solution where the staff of this company could place orders for centrally controlled and approved items. The orders were then automatically sent to the respective suppliers of each item. The solution was launched in March of 2000 and has since been used without change or further developments.

In 2014 the solution handled orders of over 140.000 items at a total value of 110 million SEK.

But times have changed and that users want a fresh and modern e-commerce solution with an easy to use interface.

SolutionPlanet took on the challenge. As the backend processes and database structure worked well everything behind the scenes were kept but a fresh web interface was added.

Users are now very excited and the company has been able to extend the life of a solid but dated solution.