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A remake after 17 years

SolutionPlanet has just made a total remake of the user interface of an internal online e-commerce solution for one of the world’s leading security companies. In 1999 SolutionPlanet was asked to develop a solution where the staff of this company

An e-commerce solution that enhance the business

“At Calzessa, we certainly subscribe to [the Smarter Commerce] philosophy: by harnessing IBM technology and SolutionPlanet’s technical expertise, we have built a platform that integrates and enhances every aspect of our business.” – Mats Ingelborn, Founder and CEO, Calzessa This

Mobile e-commerce

The web shop has been selling hosiery in Sweden since 2003. We have now assisted in taking this successful shop into the mobile world. As always when you work with a mobile interface you have to re-think and re-work

Huge Domino db ordeals

As co-founders and investors in Yabot we were called in to assist with a problem some weeks ago regarding two of its editions. Each Yabot edition runs in its own Domino database and can after some years build up to

Revitalising an old system

SolutionPlanet is helping a global security company revitalise an old system and the result is astonishing. Some 15 years ago a Lotus Notes system was developed to support the product development cycle for the Swedish HQ. The system had to

Continued work with Niscayah

SolutionPlanet has yet again been given the trust to support the existing IBM Domino server environment for security company Niscayah. The new agreement is an extension the the agreement initiated some four years ago when Niscayah created from a division