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A remake after 17 years

SolutionPlanet has just made a total remake of the user interface of an internal online e-commerce solution for one of the world’s leading security companies. In 1999 SolutionPlanet was asked to develop a solution where the staff of this company

Web and e-commerce

SolutionPlanet built the new corporate website and e-commerce platform for the brand new mobile phone company DAHL. As DAHL was in a hurry to present the new company and its ground breaking smart phones we decided to start with a

Website for

The communications and PR firm Jomono needed a new website and turned to us for a quick and easy to manage solution. – They had done a few trials using Joomla but got stuck in the process and ended up

Website analytics

It can be difficult to understand why one should look for any other website traffic analytics when Google ‘s tool is free and extremely popular. But if you haven’t you should definitely take a look at CLICKY. We implemented Clicky

Developing new web-service

SolutionPlanet has been given the opportunity to provide the development team for a new government venture backed web-service in Sweden. – This is a totally new service with some radical new ideas and it’s a privilege to be part of