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Web and e-commerce

SolutionPlanet built the new corporate website and e-commerce platform for the brand new mobile phone company DAHL. As DAHL was in a hurry to present the new company and its ground breaking smart phones we decided to start with a

Website for

The communications and PR firm Jomono needed a new website and turned to us for a quick and easy to manage solution. – They had done a few trials using Joomla but got stuck in the process and ended up

Include-it-qs Plugin for WordPress

This is a very useful plugin when you want to extend your WordPress site with custom PHP code. For a client project we have hacked this plugin to support QueryStrings. You can now let the plugin pass the whole QueryString

Developing new web-service

SolutionPlanet has been given the opportunity to provide the development team for a new government venture backed web-service in Sweden. – This is a totally new service with some radical new ideas and it’s a privilege to be part of