Website analytics

clickyIt can be difficult to understand why one should look for any other website traffic analytics when Google ‘s tool is free and extremely popular. But if you haven’t you should definitely take a look at CLICKY.

We implemented Clicky in 2009 for an e-commerce site and we are very impressed with the versatility of this tool. It sports a very nice real-time view where you can monitor visitors and their actions as they happen.

But Clicky is also the analytics tool you can put in the hands of everyone in the company. No longer are the web statistics the sole property of IT, now Sales and Customer Service can put learning about their customers’ web habits at the very heart of their business.

Clicky also comes with a great mobile device interface if you’re really keen and need stats from anywhere. There is also a neat Plugin for WordPress that make integration a breeze.

Give Clicky a chance and we believe you will not be disappointed. Free trial and a quite inexpensive PRO-version.