Include-it-qs Plugin for WordPress

This is a very useful plugin when you want to extend your WordPress site with custom PHP code. For a client project we have hacked this plugin to support QueryStrings.

You can now let the plugin pass the whole QueryString to your own PHP-code within an iFrame.


Include It is a plugin that permits the inclusion, in a post or in a page, of any type of file (even a php script that will be executed). I use it to write some functionalities needed in some pages, without creating special template pages (that are theme dependant) and without using a “php code executor”.

The inclusion can be forced to be within an IFRAME html tag.
And this version also support passing the original request’s QueryString variables allowing you to get dynamic content for your inclusion.

This is the description from the original author:

See the options page of the plugin for a deeper explanation and how to use it and the plugin page:


Upload the plugin folder into your “wp-content/plugins”. Log in to WordPress Administration area, choose “Plugins” from the main menu, find “Include”, and click the “Activate” button. Go to the options page and read the usage explanations.

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