Mobile e-commerce

sfq_mobileThe web shop has been selling hosiery in Sweden since 2003. We have now assisted in taking this successful shop into the mobile world.
As always when you work with a mobile interface you have to re-think and re-work many of the methods and processes we take for granted on the Internet. The goal was to develop a user interface that was friendly for finger touch control and also represent what we think users will need from a mobile device.

This resulted in a simple nine icons start page that will take the user to the most interesting and most popular items by categories.
We also opted for a very simple checkout process using invoicing only. With the service provided by the invoicing partner (Svea Ekonomi) all details such as full name and home address is retrieved by just entering the 10 digit social security number. This way the customer does not have to key in name, addresses and credit card details that can be a struggle on a mobile device.

The mobile web shop at will be release by SFQ Calzessa AB any day.
SolutionPlanet will be pleased to assist you in taking your business to the mobile world. Just contact us for a consultation.