Revitalising an old system

SolutionPlanet is helping a global security company revitalise an old system and the result is astonishing.

news_produktSome 15 years ago a Lotus Notes system was developed to support the product development cycle for the Swedish HQ. The system had to confirm to the ISO9000 standard that was being reinforced throughout the organisation and was to assist the product department with all documents and information during the process. The system was also used by the whole company to get information on the products, their status and relating documents.

During the past months SolutionPlanet has developed a totally new user experience for the old system. Some new features has also been added and the result is increased usage and a total revitalisation of the old solution. Now everyone wants in and several other web-base solution are linking directly into the product information.
The new solution has also reached beyond its intended borders and found new users in both Norway and Finland.
– It’s really fun and really, really rewarding to see how a little polishing of an old solution can make all the difference, says Mats Ingelborn of SolutionPlanet.

SolutionPlanet can help you and your users to a modern and exciting experience of any “old” Lotus Notes solution. Just contact us for a consultation.