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030311_jomonoThe communications and PR firm Jomono needed a new website and turned to us for a quick and easy to manage solution.
– They had done a few trials using Joomla but got stuck in the process and ended up with a static HTML-page, explains Mats Ingelborn, SolutionPlanet. This is something we see quite often.

Baring the nature of this company they really needed to have a professional and easy to manage website. Jomono’s managing director Åsa Grönlund contacted SolutionPlanet as she heard we worked with WordPress and heard that WP was fast, easy and simple.

– As Jomono already had a layout ready the process from start to a published website with a totally unique design was quite swift, explains Mats. Deciding on a layout or design is usually what takes most time.

The new website is now live at